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War Child supports hundreds of thousands of children around the world each year - but we don’t carry out our mission alone. Partnerships are at the core of everything we do.

Making a difference together

We work with local and international NGOs, governments and academic institutions to ensure everything we do makes a real difference in children’s lives. We also enjoy close links with the private sector - and companies support us in a variety of ways. Businesses of all types participate in fundraising actions, lend us their expertise and sponsor our products and services.

Girl in Iraq receives support from War Child staff during corona pandemic_ War Child Iraq_200603

War Child staff working on the front lines worldwide

Photo: War Child

Emilie and two friends at school-Uganda-War Child helps children cope_War Child Uganda_200228

Our partners and friends are dedicated to our mission

Photo: War Child

“War Child works with many volunteers and aims to keep costs as low as possible. As a result the money flows to where it belongs: the children themselves."
Taco van der Meer, The Albus Hotel

Become part of our business network

The benefits to your company from joining our business network are tangible - you will become part of an active community of entrepreneurs working to improve children’s lives. You will strengthen your company’s social credentials and increase your profile.

And our low-cost policy ensures all funds go to the right place - in support of children living with the effects of violence and armed conflict. Contact us now: