Where we work

War Child works with children affected by violence and armed conflict in 19 countries around the world - meeting urgent needs wherever we are needed.

Reaching the children who need our help

War Child has a presence in 19 countries: Jordan, Lebanon, the occupied Palestinian territory, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Colombia, Burundi, DR Congo, the Central African Republic, South Sudan, Uganda, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Around the world, War Child is committed to providing psychosocial support, child protection, youth empowerment programming and quality education.

In the Middle East, we provide children from both refugee and host communities with a vital combination of education, protection and psychosocial support. In Africa, our work is designed to help children cope with the consequences of armed conflict and develop skills for a brighter future. In Central Asia, we engage with all areas of society to uphold children’s fundamental rights. In Latin America, we promote peacebuilding processes and offer children the tools to contribute to these efforts. In Europe, we provide emergency evidence-based assistance to both refugee youth and children in active war zones.

We collaborate with local and global organisations to ensure our work has maximum impact - and reaches the children who need it most.