When rebels raided his home in Burundi, Roger ran for his life. He made it - but his six siblings weren’t as lucky. Now, from a crowded refugee camp in Uganda, War Child is helping him dream again…

“I feel free during the TeamUp sessions. In that moment, I forget the past.”

What we do

Having worked with local partners in Burundi since 2008, we established our own operations in 2011. We work on delivering mental health and psychosocial support, protection and education to children affected by conflict in Burundi. This includes strengthening community-based structures such as dedicated child protection committees.

Our work to create supportive environments offers a haven for children to process their experiences, rebuild confidence and trust and contribute towards a better future - both for themselves and their communities.

Our projects

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Where we work

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  • Preventing school dropouts and child pregnancies

    Cibitoke and Bujumbura Provinceis
    This project, funded by the Swiss Development Cooperation, aims to reduce school dropouts and child pregnancies by providing education and protection to children, teachers, community structure members, youth, and parents affected by conflict in Burundi.

  • NSHIGIKIRA NIGE: Education Project

    Makamba Province, Southern Burundi
    In collaboration with the local government, we elevate education, protection, and hygiene for 30,000 vulnerable children, including returnees and displaced children. The project is a transformative initiative ensuring quality, inclusive learning environments where every child's potential thrives.

  • Resilience & Education Programme

    Cibitoke and Bujumbura Provinceis
    Empowering children's access to quality education, with a focus on those returning to Burundi post-conflict. The programme paves the way for renewed learning opportunities and brighter futures.

  • Akazi Keza: Skills for Vulnerable Youth

    Cibitoke and Rumonge Province
    This project on the DR Congo border provides vulnerable youth with technical and life skills to engage in income-generating activities and launch their own businesses, preparing them for a brighter future.

Our partners in Burundi

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We have partnered with the United Nations Children’s Fund since 2018, bringing together everything from child protection to psychosocial support for maximum impact in children’s lives.

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Logo of FVS Burundi


FVS-AMADE Burundi strives to protect orphans and vulnerable children and promote the economic autonomy of vulnerable households for the ultimate well-being of children.

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Christine Mwaniki is our Country Director in Burundi. If you are interested in collaborating or have a specific query, please reach out via her email below.