Meet Lieva (24)

Growing up in Colombia’s capital city, Lieva’s life has been marred by violence. Determined to ensure that young people like her don’t suffer in silence, she is using art as a message of hope and resilience...

“We look to art as an alternative to continue facing difficult situations.”

What we do

Our work in Colombia focuses on bolstering children's and youth's resilience and well-being. Our emphasis is on those who are heavily impacted by armed conflict, including hard-to-reach groups such as indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities, as well as marginalized urban and rural youth. Through play, movement, and peacebuilding, we inspire collaborative efforts and positive emotional expression. Our evidence-based psychosocial support for children, youth, and caregivers strengthens families and communities, leaving a lasting impact.

Our approach involves close collaboration with local and national youth collectives and organisations throughout all stages of our projects. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of community needs, capacities, and resources, ultimately working towards the protection and well-being of children and youth.

Our projects

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Where we work

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  • Safer Together III

    Grounded in scientific evidence, War Child combines its child protection method, Seeds with a simple innovation for detecting mental health conditions in young people, Be There. With this project, we aim to build a thriving community care network where all members of the community contribute to the protection and wellbeing of children growing up amidst conflict. Learn more.

  • Alive


    This project is researching young people's mental health and wellbeing in Colombia's capital city. Based on the evidence from this work, we aim to develop a programme to prevent depression and anxiety among adolescents in low and middle-income countries and strengthen their ability to achieve their goals.

  • Play it for Life & Future


    Juégatela por la Vida y el Futuro‘ project sees licensed Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) instructors train young people at risk of dropping out of school to become certified football coaches. Besides passing on their finest footwork, the instructors transmit important life skills to youth, such as self-awareness, empathy, critical thinking and dealing with difficult situations. They also learn the fundamentals of psychosocial support.

  • Art for Life

    Bogotá, Soacha, Cali, Medellín and Buenaventura
    This ‘Arte por la Vida’ project is a youth-led community, artistic and cultural communication project that supports young people's protection and mental health, and to exercise their right to social protest.

  • Connect with Your Future


    ‘Conéctate con tu Futuro‘ project aims to link young individuals in Bogotá with chances to become proactive agents of change within their lives and communities. We strive to enhance their life skills, employability, and entrepreneurship, fostering optimistic outlooks for their future and enriching their connections with their surroundings.

  • Safeguards of Peace

    This EU-funded ’Resguardos de Paz’ project supports thousands of young local human rights defenders in 36 indigenous communities to protect their community and ancestral lands without the use of arms. We extend a safety net around these young protectors, many of whom are under heightened threat from armed groups. They learn to rescue and preserve local traditions and customs, all while developing interpersonal skills to stay safe.

  • Protective Territories


    ‘Territorios Protectores‘ project protects youth from being recruited into armed forces and groups and addresses the severe psychosocial effects that the presence of armed actors brings. Working with communities, we strengthen protection mechanisms and enhance mutual care and support.

Key Partners

Diócesis Istmina Tadó Logo

Diócesis Istmina Tadó

Diocese of Istmina-Tadó is an ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Catholic Church in Colombia, based in the municipalities of Istmina and Tadó (Chocó), where the cathedral and co-cathedral are located respectively.

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Reino de los Países Bajos Logo

Reino de los Países Bajos

The Netherlands Embassy supports our work with youth in urban areas, specifically through the financing of two key projects.

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Aida Pesquera is our Country Director in Colombia. Want to say hello or keen to join us? Please reach out via one of the channels below.

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