Prestigious UNESCO-prize for our education programme with tablets

Feb. 26, 2019


Roger receiving education through Can't Wait to Learn_War Child Uganda_190918
Can't Wait to Learn, our innovative programme providing education to children affected by conflict, was awarded a prestigious prize by UNESCO. The programme teaches children how to read, write and count by playing educational games on tablet devices. Read more on how we support children to reclaim their right to learn.

Overcoming barriers

The prestigious 'King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize on Innovation in Education' from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) is awarded yearly to ICT projects that overcome major situational barriers - such as lack of infrastructure and funds - to deliver a tailor-made solution based on children’s realities.


Can’t Wait to Learn’s educational methodology was built on these foundations. The programme - developed by us in collaboration with (inter)national partners such as UNICEF, Ministries of Education and &Ranj - provides conflict-affected children with quality education.

Celebrated by UNESCO for its ground-breaking use of new technologies, Can't Wait to Learn teaches children how to read, write and count by playing educational games on tablet devices. In conflict-affected areas - where access to schools and teachers is limited - children don’t have to wait to gain skills for the future.

“Even in contexts with limited resources and services, children can keep on learning. This is all thanks to an effective, flexible and innovative method, based on official curricula which aims to support children in gaining important maths and reading competencies and access to further education opportunities."
Kate Radford, CWTL Programme Director
Girl Laila learns through tablet education in Lebanon_Can't Wait to Learn_War Child_200802

Children in Lebanon playing one of the educational games

Photo: War Child

Soedan kinderen onder zonnepaneel Can't Wait to Learn_War Child Soedan_XXXXXX

Solar panels are used to charge the educational tablets

Photo: War Child

Quality education, regardless of the setting

So what sets Can’t Wait to Learn apart? The answer is surprisingly simple. Thanks to a delivery system which can operate in areas with limited resources, such as electricity and internet, Can’t Wait to Learn provides learning opportunities for all. The programme enables children to learn even in places where formal education is not available or under strain.

The secret ingredient: designed for children, by children

Can’t Wait to Learn is not based on a 'one size fits all' model. The children co-create the content and design of the games based on their own experiences and stories. The content - which is based on government-approved educational curricula - allows children to become immersed in a world that reflects their reality - and focus right away. Research has shown that this facilitates effective learning and boosts motivation.

Each educational game is developed using the following seven steps:

Award ceremony

The prestigious prize will be presented at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on March 12th, 2019 in the presence of delegates of the Kingdom of Bahrain. On behalf of War Child, Can’t Wait to Learn Programme Director Kate Radford will attend the celebrations.

Can’t Wait to Learn supporters include the Dutch National Postcode Lottery; IKEA Foundation;; USAID; DFID through the Humanitarian Education Accelerator; DG ECHO; UNICEF; UNHCR; CISCO Foundation; Mission Bambini and private donations.