Helping children through supporting their parents

Having your parent comforting you when you're scared or sad. For most children this is a given. However, for parents and their families living with war, constant worry makes it harder to support their children. Read how War Child supports these families.
Moeder met baby in opvangcentrum voor vluchtelingen uit Venezuela in Colombia_War Child Colombia_190821

Mother and child fled to Colombia.

Photo: War Child

Supporting children (in)directly

A child's development during and after a conflict or war situation is largely determined by his or her immediate family, friends, teachers and broader community. In other words, their 'ecosystem'. To strengthen the resilience of children in conflict areas and increase their well-being, we support their ecosystem. This holistic approach helps us in strengthening child-protection systems and reduce risk factors for children in conflict-affected areas.

“When you help children's parents, you're also helping the child"
Heba Ghalayini (War Child colleague in the occupied Palestinian territories)

Being a parent in Gaza

Suha married when she was 14 years old. Now, she is a mother of four sons. During the eleven years she and her family have lived in Gaza, she lived through four wars. Suha: "I was always feeling anxious and stressed. My children felt that and eventually took over my fears. I was very sorry about that. When I heard about War Child's Parent Deals I decided to participate. Through sharing my pain with the group, I slowly but surely regained my strength. Now I have better control of my emotions and I am more patient with my children. I really take the time to listen to them. The bond with my children is so much stronger now."

“My children confide in me again"
Suha, mother in Gaza