For Sanaa (11), Our Back to the Future Programme is a Stepping Stone

Sanaa hadn’t ever attended school. When her mother found out about the “Back to the Future” project, the 11-year-old was one phone call away from being registered in BLN (Basic Literacy and Numeracy) program at Terre des Hommes Italy center in Mount Lebanon.

Impacted by the Syrian Crisis like many other families, Sanaa (Alias name) and her mom arrived to Lebanon in 2015 and settled in Kayfoun. For about a year now, she’s been learning English, Arabic and Math which is her favorite topic.

Shy, the single child benefits as well from the psychosocial support activities provided under the “Back to the Future” program. “The program has lots of things in it” affirms the mother as an indication of the richness of the material her daughter is learning.

Back to the Future_February Success story_War Child Lebanon_2102XX

Sanaa doing homework.

Photo: War Child Holland

“Nothing has changed”, claims the mom following the pandemic. According to her, the teachers are saving no effort in delivering the lessons to Sanaa, and her daughter is still receiving the needed support and follow up from them as if she were physically attending her classes.

While, food, shelter, and medical care are the main needs parents look for to ensure for their kids when fleeing a warzone, education, sure, takes a big share. The mom had many questions regarding the education pathways, her child’s adaptation potential, and surely how to solve the financial burdens.

“Every mother loves to see her daughter reach high positions”, says Sanaa’s parent, when asked about her aspirations for her child. “Back to the Future” is providing a stepping stone for her daughter to create a strong base for her education. From not knowing the letters to being able to read and write within a year, Sanaa can surely be proud of the progress she’s made.

Back to the Future is funded by the European Union in Lebanon , through the EU Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis, the EU Madad Fund, and implemented in partnership by AVSI Middle East , Terre des hommes Italy in Lebanon and War Child.