War Child Support Switzerland

War Child has now an official fundraising base in Switzerland. The group War Child Support Switzerland was founded to raise awareness about our work and support our fundraising activities.

In Switzerland our effectiveness was recognised in 2017 with the Jacobs Foundation Best Practice award. The Swiss-based charitable foundation praised War Child for its global efforts to improve the lives of children. This raised our profile significantly - and inspired a group of volunteer supporters to form the group War Child Support Switzerland.

Inspired to action

"The award was an amazing act of recognition,” says Tom Berkhout, founder of War Child Support Switzerland. “It immediately inspired me to promote War Child’s work here.” Tom quickly assembled a dedicated group of people to get behind our cause. The core team has since expanded to five volunteers and is now active in both Zürich and Geneva.

We won the Klaus J. Jacobs Best Practice Prize 2017 for our work for children

Our mission

We are committed to raising awareness about War Child’s work and finding fundraising opportunities; for example, by collaborating with companies to link their corporate event to a charity, or by approaching charitable institutions, companies and individuals who would like to support War Child.

All proceeds raised by the group’s activities go directly in support of War Child's work. The small operational costs are covered by the board members themselves.

'Bringing people together'

We work closely with War Child Holland by building on their expertise and experience. In the past two years we have organised major fundraising events, including gala dinners in Zürich and Montreux. Events such as these are a perfect way to bring people together in support of War Child’s work.

The work of War Child is intimately linked with that of many other international organisations that have their headquarters in Geneva - including Save the Children, UNICEF, UNHCR and the United Nations.

Get involved

We welcome all initiatives to support War Child, even if you have an idea like a dinner or (business) lunch with a speaker to raise funds in Switzerland. Contact us via the details below or become a member of our LinkedIn group.


- Elsabé Schimmelpenninck: +41 76 566 5663 Elsabe.Schimmelpenninck@warchild.nl
- Anton Eikhout: +41 79 284 75 84 Anton.Eikhout@warchild.nl
- Tom Berkhout: +41 79 536 53 47 Tom.Berkhout@warchild.nl
- Fiona Matt: +41 766 131 756 Fiona.Matt@warchild.nl

- Claartje Zwetsloot: +41 79 962 63 52 Claartje.Zwetsloot@warchild.nl

Swiss residents can donate directly through the account below.
Donations above CHF 100 will be tax deductible.

Association War Child Support Switzerland
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