Direct Deliveries to Meet Vital Needs in Gaza

April 21, 2020

Distribution of Kits_Gaza_Moving kits to homes of targeted families_War Child_200420
The threat posed by COVID-19 in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) is increasing - with potentially calamitous consequences. War Child is working in Gaza to uphold the wellbeing of children and communities - delivering hygiene and child care kits directly to the most vulnerable families.

Gaza is home to 1.9 million people - housed in just 365 square kilometres of land. This densely-populated enclave is blockaded by land, sea and air - with just a handful of border crossings linking its inhabitants to neighbouring states.

This isolation has proved to be no defence against the spread of COVID-19. Just 13 cases have been detected so far according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Yet a major outbreak of the illness would swiftly overwhelm Gaza’s fragile health care system - and stress levels among the population are even higher than usual.

Checking samples psychosocial kits in Gaza_War Child_200414

Checking the contents of the hygiene and child care kits

Door-to-door deliveries

The majority of Gaza's 1.9 million people live in cramped refugee camps and informal settlements - where physical distancing is nearly impossible to maintain. People identified as most at risk of infection have been placed in quarantine in 18 specifically dedicated zones, with some direct support provided to them by a number of organisations.

Yet the vast majority of communities living in Gaza experience widespread social and economic deprivation - limiting their ability to meet basic hygiene and childcare needs and maintain their emotional wellbeing. This is why War Child has made it a priority to reach some 700 vulnerable families with relevant support.

War Child is working with its local partner organisations to uphold the social and emotional wellbeing of these families - and shield them against possible infection. We are leading the distribution of hygiene and child care kits directly to children and caregivers at their homes.

Hygiene kits comprising liquid soap, alcogel, sanitizers, gloves and reliable printed information on protection against coronavirus infection are being delivered to 700 families across 12 sites in Gaza.

Checking samples psychosocial kits in Gaza_War Child_200414

Packing information pamphlets on protection against coronavirus infection

Upholding wellbeing

We are also working closely with partner organisations to uphold the social and emotional wellbeing of at-risk children through the delivery of child care kits. These kits are designed to keep children engaged during this difficult period - and include crayons, colouring pencils, water colours, drawing pads, educational colouring books, puzzles, balloons, soft balls, as well as printed materials and workbooks with exercises designed to uphold the psychosocial wellbeing of families living in lockdown.

The impact of COVID-19 on the ability for vulnerable Palestinians to secure basic needs has been devastating. War Child is working across the occupied Palestinian territory to both meet these needs and uphold psychosocial wellbeing.

Distribution of Kits_Gaza_Explaining the usage of the psychosocial items of recipient families_War Child_200420.jpg

Distributing child care kits to families in Gaza