War Child Continues Collaboration With Palestinian Civil Society

Nov. 10, 2021

Six prominent Palestinian organisations, known for their human rights and social work, have been designated as terrorists by Israel. Our long-standing partner Defence for Children International – Palestine is one of them. War Child is continuing to work with Palestinian civil society to support children affected by the conflict.

War Child has worked with Defence for Children International in the occupied Palestinian territory for many years to protect and support children whose rights have been violated. At the moment, we support the repair and refurbishment of schools in the West Bank that have been damaged by occupation forces.


The Israeli authorities designated Defence for Children International – Palestine and five other organisations as terrorist entities by military order. Defence for Children rejects this designation as ‘another unjust action by Israeli authorities to criminalise and eliminate our lawful human rights and child protection work.’

War Child takes allegations that an organisation we cooperate with is engaged in terrorism extremely serious. We have had no indication whatsoever that Defence for Children - Palestine would be involved in or supportive of terrorism. War Child demands that the Israeli authorities substantiate their allegations with concrete evidence.


War Child works closely with civil society actors to shield children from the violence that surrounds them

Child Rights

As humanitarians, War Child categorically removes itself from political discussions. Instead, we focus on the promotion and safeguarding of human rights - especially children’s rights.

Palestinian civil society is essential to maintaining support for children across Gaza and the West Bank. It also provides an important space to monitor human and child rights violations.

War Child enormously values our cooperation with organisations like Defence for Children International – Palestine. There must be space for them to do their work effectively.

Strict Guidelines

War Child has strict guidelines and regulations that it adheres to when entering into new relationships. We carefully select our partners based on a number of key criteria including transparency and humanitarian principles. War Child has not and will not work with organisations involved in clandestine, violent or illegal activities.

War Child is looking into the legal practices and consequences of the Israeli order. We will continue to support children in the occupied Palestinian territory suffering due to the conflict, working closely together with Palestinian civil society.